My Blog for Sellers January 13, 2012

Hitting the Sweet Spot

Dear Mr/Mrs Seller,

I’m here to help you sell your home!

With that being said we need to look at the playing field and pull in all the best players so at the end of the game you can enjoy the win.  We also need to discuss some rules for all the players involved so that it creates the best possible outcome.  As with any game, be it baseball, bowling or tic-tac-toe there is going to be a ‘sweet-spot’ that brings about the best scenario for everyone.  We need to find just where that ‘sweet-spot’ is.  Lets get started with some basic rules of the game.

1.  You want to sell your home.

2.  I want to sell your home.

3.  I’m going to provide you a Market Analysis of comparable sold homes in your area in order to hit the target price ‘sweet-spot’.  This may not be the price you want to hear but it is the most updated way to know what you can expect your home to sell for.  Once I have provided this for you we can discuss where we will price your home on the market.

4.  I’m going to explain how I will market your home for you to bring about the desired sale.

5.  Your job is to actively listen to what I’m showing you and ask questions if you have them.  I want you to be as fully informed throughout the entire process as possible.

6.  There is no way for me to guarantee how long it will take to sell your home.  My duty is to present you with a plan to bring about a sale in the shortest time we can.

7.  Your job is to make the home ready and accessible for showings in the best presentable condition possible.  Making your home as ‘generic’ as you can will bring about the fastest offer.  Potential buyers don’t care about your hunting trophy, your children’s accomplishments or the latest ribbon you won at the county fair.

8.  I will place a sign, flyer box and MLS Keybox on your home so other real estate professionals can bring their potential buyers to see it.

9.  Your job is to have the home ready and to be out of the home during the showing.  Potential buyers want to look at and discuss the things the like or dislike about your home with their agent while viewing.  They would rather not have you eavesdropping on their conversation.  Take a walk, go shopping, or visit the neighbor.

10.  Lastly, you need to be reasonable and accept advice.  This is what I do every day.  I’m continually educating myself on the current market conditions.  My job is to advise you, guide you and bring about the sale of your home in the most expedient matter.  Your job is to listen with an open mind.

Its Game Time!  If you are ready to play by the rules, ready to listen to my advice, ready to get your head in the game then lets get started.  You need to decide if you want your home ‘on the market’ or sold.  My job is to get it sold.  Any real estate agent can put it ‘on the market’.  If you just want it listed then I’m not the Realtor for you!  I’d much rather be your second or third Realtor when the others can’t accomplish what I’ve already explained to you.

For more advice on buying or selling a home, to set up an appointment or any other Real Estate information, please call or email me.